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I wasn’t one of those people “born with a camera in my hand”. My love of photography stems from having THE WORST wedding photos ever, and I’m trying to protect the rest of you from having this same ill fate.

You could probably find my wedding photos on one of those “most awkward photo” clips we all laugh and cringe at during our lunch break. My children’s new born photos? Horrendous… and all babies are beautiful, right??

So, here I am, trying to set right to a wrong, and hope that my rose-coloured view of the world, and to LOVE, can bring someone else a little piece of happy.

P.S. My ulterior motive is to stay number 1 in the world’s most hideous wedding photos you tube clips.

What else is there to know about me… Not much.

I’m mad about love and emotional connections, so this is the natural industry for me to be in… I do love, LOVE… *sigh*

Here’s the list of jobs I could do…

Wedding Singer is out, as I can’t sing! I think dinner is best served out of a pizza box. There goes catering! I do love flowers, but I don’t like to pick them; beauty is best left to admire. Styling? Hhmmmmm I’d have taffeta everywhere if I could. I’m still stuck in the 80’s. Celebrant!!!!! I’d love that job; only I’m terrified of public speaking and I’m really, really, not very good with jokes. Maybe make up? My favourite shade of foundation is brown zinc. As for Hairdresser, pony tails for every bride getting married on any day of the week that ends with ‘day’.

And then it hit me… Photographer!

Let me think about that…

I do like people watching, I’m pathetically sentimental, romance, happiness, beaming smiles, fancy frocks, an alcoholic beverage, loud music, sunlight and love are all my thing. These are precisely all the elements and wonder filled moments I will capture on your perfect day.

So, Cheers to happy moments that live on forever through the power of the photo, and cheers to your love; may it be the one constant that sparks your fire and lights up the world.

Kind Words

Our day was made so much more perfect from the minute we met Jodie.

She met me at the beach venue and immediately I loved her. She made me feel like this day was for us and she was just so lovely and I knew we were about to have fun. I had never had photos professionally taken but loved it from the word go. It was relaxed and fun. Jodie was our witness and we will never forget the special part she played in the most beautiful day which was truly more than we ever wished for.

During the ceremony we enjoyed the moments all the way through. Elopement is beautiful!

Afterwards we had champagne to celebrate. We then kicked off our shoes and raced off with Jodie for a fun time. We had the best time celebrating our new marriage and feeling so happy and liberated and just like we were on top of the world and Jodie made that happen. Running through the waters of the ocean, what could be more perfect!?

Being lifted up on the rocks by my beautiful new husband I literally felt on top of the world and my Andy lifted me higher and Jodie was with us. Precious beautiful moments that will be with us for eternity.

Jodie, Thank you xxx

Andy and Maria

Love it! Love it! Love it!

These were the only words I could say followed by a tear in my eye, when we first viewed the beautiful photos Jodie captured of our family. We had an idea of the types of images we were looking for, and it was exceptional how Jodie brought that vision to life in her photography.

Words cannot describe how talented and creative her work is, she is truly amazing. We now have a wonderful lifetime memory hanging on our walls.

Thank you again, Love Chris & Troy

Fun in the photo booth! We loved, loved, loved the photo booth!

Wearing goofy hats,oversized sunglasses, and flashy boas, we laughed and posed and made priceless memories with friends from the Stella Maris School, Maroochydore. Thanks so much Jodie for making our school fair so special – I can?t imagine the day without you!

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